Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor, Conrad Murray, Speaks Out

27 Jun

Here is video of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor at the time of his death, talking about his relationship with Michael Jackson:

This was a pretty interesting one. As always, if you have any questions or disagreements please leave a comment or send me an email at efrain@spottheliar.com. Let’s start the breakdown:

0:30- “I can find no words satisfactory to summarize my affection for Michael.” Immediately following there is a flash of sadness. This suggests that he truly cared for Michael.

0:39- “…you might have problems adequately describing the relationship.” This is followed with a flash of shame. This can mean a lot, but given that he is a doctor I would be willing to bet this flash is related to some sort of ethical issue.

1:08- “…I am now made aware through recent media reporting that he failed to share with me any problems involving his alleged addictions with medication.” Notice how he face remains almost completely neutral as he delivers this line. Previously in the video he would do something, anything, with his face while speaking. This sentence is the first time that he doesn’t. This deviation from the baseline suggests that he is lying.

2:00- “…the next time you look in the mirror…” Murray flashes anger as he says this. Not surprisingly he angry at all of the people accusing him of improper care.

2:18- “…than you will have earned the right to criticize.” Normally, flipping an accusatory tone to your accusers is a minor sign of someone with something to hide. Weak evidence, but consistent.

2:32- “…I told the truth…” While saying this he flashes fear. This is another sign of lying.

My verdict: liar!

My take on this is that he truly cared for Michael Jackson, but let his friendship come before his duties as a physician. This would explain the flash of shame at 0:39.

Also, I apologize for the quality of the video. I had a hard time finding this footage on YouTube.

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