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My name is Efrain Ortega and I am a human lie detector. I wasn’t born with this ability, but learned and practiced it for over a decade. I stumbled upon the work of Dr. Paul Ekman (of “Lie to Me” fame) right around 2001 and immediately became interested in his belief that one can detect someone else’s subtlest emotions in their face and body language. Dr. Eckman’s work is based not on conjecture or¬†anecdotes, but on hard science gathered over the last 30 years.

With that said, my goal with this site is to give you an insight into what is really going on with celebrities, court cases, politics and whatever other interesting cases might arise. I “read” the players involved and will give you my impressions, along with some explanation of exactly what it is that I am seeing.

The site will be updated fairly regularly with whatever interesting stories I come across, but suggestions and requests are always greatly appreciated.

One Response to “About the Site”

  1. Candy Kane February 24, 2013 at 1:54 am #

    Dear Mr. Efrain Ortega,

    If possible, please follow the case of the accused/admitted murderes Jodi Arias and share your thoughts on your research about her demeanor both testifying and cross. Regards, Candy Kane

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