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How to spot a fake smile

12 Jul Fake smile, notice the lack of movement under his eyes

Let’s look at a handy shortcut for detecting a fake smile. Smiles can range from a barely visible sly smile to a full face expression of unbridled joy. Regardless of the type of smile there is one thing we can look at to figure out whether or not it is genuine: the eyes.

When we smile a real smile, a true smile, the area just under our eyelids bunches up a little. This area is very, very difficult to control on command and most people who can do so will¬†inadvertently¬†move their eyebrows. I will cover this in a later post, for now let’s keep it simple.

Below are two picture of Brad Pitt’s eyes, taken within a month of each other. Notice the difference in the area just under his eyes:

True smile, notice the bunching under his eyes

Fake smile, notice the lack of movement under his eyes

Again, these pictures were taken within a month of each other so the difference is not wrinkles due to age. If you look closely you’ll notice that his eyelids are closed by almost the exact same amount, but the area just under his eyes is completely different.

So let’s apply this lesson to two of Hollywood’s best fake smilers:

Rachel Ray: real or fake smile?

Julia Roberts, recently voted “best smile in Hollywood”, but is this a real smile?

The answer: both smiles are fake. Notice the lack of any real movement or bunching just under their eyes. These are good fake smiles, but still fake.


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